How to Get Facebook Photo URL

This technique of getting the URL (URL) of a Facebook photo works with Chrome, Safari and Firefox web browsers. For Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer web browsers, you must use Imgur instead.

It’s important to note that Facebook photo URLs expire after a few weeks or more!

The Facebook photo itself will still be available on Facebook, but the photo URL obtained will expire and puzzles created from that URL will no longer be valid. If you need a photo URL that doesn’t expire, consider saving the photo to Imgur.

Follow these steps to get the URL of your Facebook photo:

  1. Select the image you want from your Facebook photos and click on it to make it big.
    get facebook image url
  2. The complete photo will now appear in Facebook. Hover over the image, right-click, and choose Copy Image Address from the pop-up menu (displayed as “Copy Image Location” in Firefox browsers).
    fb url
  3. The copied photo URL can now be pasted into the Create Jigsaw Tool on our website.